while facing radioactive contamination....

F├╝r alles was mit Prognosen bis hin zum Weltuntergang zu tun hat.
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while facing radioactive contamination....

Beitrag von holos » 03.06.2011, 21:21

" while facing radioactive contamination, the ability of transmutation and nourturing ourselves from light and elements is our final solution... amazing! long time ago it was considered a practice for enlighthened beings...now is a survival need! " ~ LD

we are sharing this light healing practices at the www.golden-blue-bolt-star.ning.com at the home page you find the basic practice already...the whole training is offered free online :) just register :)

"The wood, a collective of trees, is naturally aware, colaborative and express already a sustainable behavior, without need of diploms, politics, religion, science or technology! Lets go back to a natural state of awareness, onness, and
integration with nature, holistic and sustainble principles."
~ LD Maldonado Fonken